Family-owned and operated since it was founded, IVES AUTO BODY has a proud history of service to the Lenawee county area that extends over the past 85 years.

In 1928, Charles Ives Sr., realizing that automobiles were the wave of the future, opened a Standard Oil service station on the corner of Ives Rd. (named after the Ives family) and M-52, on part of the 365-acre property owned by the Ives family.When the service station proved to be a thriving business, Charles decided to take a gamble


and add the area's first car and gasoline-powered farm machinery dealership to his business. He sold Case tractors and farm implements to the local farmers, and he sold Studebaker automobiles - the ultimate status symbol of its time - to area motorists who wanted a piece of the evolving American dream.

When Charles Jr. returned from service in the 63rd Infantry in France during World War II, in 1946, he purchased the business from his father and continued expanding the business and carrying on the high quality customer service established by his father. In 1972, he changed from selling Standard Oil to Sun Oil, now known as Sunoco. The following year, his son, Burl, added his own specialty to the business - collision repair. When Charles Jr. retired in 1995, Burl took over management of the family business, and continues to run it today.


Shortly after taking over operation of the business, Burl expanded the services offered to include a full-service auto parts and collision service. To provide the new services, he added a new garage to accommodate the Collision Repair Business. In 2003, a third building was added to accommodate the new computerized down-draft paint spray booth. These new additions have enabled the company to keep pace with the times with state-of-the-art bodywork machinery and a paint room that is fully computerized.

Burl's son Nickolas has now joined the team, bringing the fourth generation of the family into the business. He is the family's specialist in the computers and new spray paint system, leaving Burl to take care of the insurance and administrative end of the business. Charles Jr. still participates as well, greeting customers and providing a living history of the business.


IVES AUTO BODY no longer sells automobiles or farm machinery, but they do continue the family tradition of the highest level of customer service. If your vehicle needs a dent repaired, a fender replaced, a new paint job, or any other kind of body work, IVES AUTO BODY is the best place in the county to take it to make sure that it receives the best care and returns to a like-new condition. The Ives family appreciates all of their customers, and they strive to ensure that the work they do will, in turn, be appreciated by those customers.